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Thriller Fiction


The Marshal – 43rd & 8th

New Jersey Senator Michael Malley could win the presidency next year.  If only he can contain the one skeleton rattling in his closet.


NYC Fire Marshal John Kane just wants to retire from the Bureau of Fire Investigation and spend time with his young daughter.  Then Senator Malley’s building explodes in the heart of Manhattan.  Pushed by his chief, John agrees to take the case until another senior marshal can be assigned.


Jackie Fairbanks is NYC’s hottest investigative journalist, and she’s convinced the explosion was arson.  John is slow to believe her theory, but then a witness is murdered, and John discovers that the FBI has been investigating Senator Malley.  To complicate matters the FBI won’t share the information they have.


When Jackie creates an opening in the case, John is quick to turn it to his advantage.  Quicker yet is Condor Walken, who won’t be denied his vengeance on the Malley clan over a 100-year-old grudge.  Before John can carry out his plan, Walken takes Jackie prisoner and forces John to steal evidence that ties him to Senator Malley and the arson.


If John gives Walken the evidence, he’ll end up in prison.  If he doesn’t, Walken will kill Jackie.  Faced with two impossible outcomes, John must evade the FBI while trying to outmaneuver an adversary whose sole pursuit in life has been preparing for this day.


If you are looking for your next thriller fiction read, give The Marshal — 43rd & 8th a shot.

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  1. Joseph DiMeco #

    The author we discussed earlier today is Nancy Parker and the titles are Double Helix and Omega Transmissions I hope that this helps

    January 11, 2013

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